The Barney Fife School of National Security

So John Murtha wants to invite the Gitmo prisoners to a “minimum security” prison in his district?

He says “They’re no more dangerous in my district than in Guantanamo,” and that there is “no reason not to put ‘em in prisons in the United States and handle them the way they would handle any other prisoners.” 

Sure, Jack.  Let’s just put ‘em in the county jail in the cell next to Otis the Drunk and have Barney Fife guard them.

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I Can’t Gitmo Satisfaction

Bad first step for the O-ministration — calling for the immediate suspension of military tribunals at Gitmo.

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Fly Carpets, Not Shoes

Wow.  So where’s the Secret Service when reporters are flinging  projectiles at POTUS?  Aren’t they supposed to be ready to take a Florsheim for the Commander-in-Chief?

The good news is that unlike President Reagan, W didn’t forget to duck.  Great reflexes.

A Michelle Malkin reader wonders the same thing.

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Monday, December 15th, 2008 Defense, Iraq War, Uncategorized, foreign policy 903 Comments

Obama’s Thank-You Note to W on Iraq

In case you were too caught up in the spectacle of the moguls of the Incredible Shrinking Three automakers rolling into town in hybrids … or the atheist display next to the Nativity at the Capitol in Washington state … or even the never-ending Natalee Holloway case (thanks, Greta) … a congressionally mandated commission this week delivered a seriously sober report, accompanied with a loud wakeup call to the Prezelect.

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